Saturday, May 07, 2005

Do we need USA longer? 

I witnessed the change in Iraq since the beginning and my opinion is not prediction of should or should not. It is merely the true that I concluded it from my work side by side with the coalition and Iraq government.
Yes, we need the U.S. for longer time or we shall fail. They helped us to start the change but the changes happen in steps and we just started in Iraq. Even if there are many complains about instability within these two years. Iraq community is so difficult and needs more than these years to re-communicate with each other without privilege of one ethnicity to the other.
For the new regime, I am seeing that there will be more corruption for at least four years. The new government with its almost new staff will lead to more corruption either because of their inexperience of running such huge institutes or they know that they will not stay in their positions for long period. It is not so dangerous if we build strong judicial and legal systems. We need the U.S. help to build these systems as independent partner to Iraqis not to the politicians who want to design the system according to their benefits.
Yes, we need America to protect our rights in this period and we need it in the future to insure that there will be no new Saddam in Iraq.
To be continuing…

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