Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What if it is true? 

Well I’m here again after a long time away from my blog, not because I didn’t want to write but for many reasons; first because I decided to leave Iraq for a short time that became a long time and also I got some experience from that. The second reason is that I thought Iraq was getting better and better. The other reasons I will tell you about later.

The question now… Are we going to face a new dictatorship in Iraq under cover of the name of democracy? Are we going to be in a new Republic of Fear? After all these years, after what we paid: the death, hunger, fear and sadness, years and years of Iraqi people suffering since Saddam’s regime until now. From 1990theydidn‘t have anything; no electricity no clean water no available jobs no stability. Well let us see what we’ve got now?

Still no electricity or even less electricity than before, in the last eight years the government has not been able to provide electricity to the people yetit is available to the government, can I ask a question? Is it difficult to import power factories when we produce and sell a lot of oil every day? Is it difficult to import solar cells to produce electricity!! The average temperature in Iraq during summer is around 38-40 Co with sunny clear sky, maybe it’s better to use it instead of suffering from that weather.

What about the water? Wow we have two rivers and we are proud of those two rivers, I will tell you secret… Iraq is Mesopotamia but Iraq is really parched, ok maybe somebody is going to tell me it’s a really old story about electricity and water it’s boring to talk about that every day right?

Well let’s talk about something else then, what about the services I mean the other services such as underground sewage services or the development of infrastructure in thecities.70% of Baghdad’s streets are really broken and some of those streets are without paving or asphalt so during winter the people have to walk in mud.

What about jobs? There is a very high level of unemployment!!! While Iraq is under reconstruction it means lots of job opportunities so why is there a high level of unemployment? Here we have another question.

What about transportation? In Iraq there is no metro, no tram, no buses, there are just the private buses and private microbuses which are very uncomfortable and there is no control over the drivers and the buses so lots of people have to travel by their own private cars and for this reason we have traffic jams everywhere. Also there are many private streets which are private property for the government so they are not for the normal people and as everybody knows that we have a very big government in Iraq. There are 42 ministries and for every ministry there are two deputy ministers; also there are the ruling parties, so can you imagine how many private streets there are in Baghdad where all those VIP people live!! By the way, the VIP people haven’t any problems with electricity or clean water and even they have a very high level of service in their streets.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Do we need USA longer? 

I witnessed the change in Iraq since the beginning and my opinion is not prediction of should or should not. It is merely the true that I concluded it from my work side by side with the coalition and Iraq government.
Yes, we need the U.S. for longer time or we shall fail. They helped us to start the change but the changes happen in steps and we just started in Iraq. Even if there are many complains about instability within these two years. Iraq community is so difficult and needs more than these years to re-communicate with each other without privilege of one ethnicity to the other.
For the new regime, I am seeing that there will be more corruption for at least four years. The new government with its almost new staff will lead to more corruption either because of their inexperience of running such huge institutes or they know that they will not stay in their positions for long period. It is not so dangerous if we build strong judicial and legal systems. We need the U.S. help to build these systems as independent partner to Iraqis not to the politicians who want to design the system according to their benefits.
Yes, we need America to protect our rights in this period and we need it in the future to insure that there will be no new Saddam in Iraq.
To be continuing…

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Election Day 

Election Day
Today we vote, today is a democracy birthday.
The people lines are very long, We heard explosions voice but we vote.
I'm very happy today, long live Iraq, long live love and long live democracy.
I will post more images here.
A suicide explosion in Al-Mansor city, Al-Sader city and in New Baghdad city near election center , but the Iraqis still insistent to vote.
We will crush the terrorists.
The democracy will win.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Today Events 

Today the movements started very slow with non availability of the fuel and the electricity since two months, but our desire to vote for the democracy and for Iraq future are increases more and more.
We heard explosions voice and we know there are many of violence events waiting but we are still insistent to vote.
Today I met my friends all of them want to vote and ready to challenge of the dangers and we will vote.
Yesterday explosion happened at the night near one of elections center in my city it was a rocket that means our elections center is a target to the terrorists, but we must sacrifice for Iraq and for our future and we will crush the terrorists.
The democracy will win.
After the elections I will try to get PhD and looking for wife to make family.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iraq Will Decides 

Iraq Will Decides
There are four days and the democracy will win; it will be a real war against the terrorists.
Millions of Iraqi people ready to vote, the women, men, old women and old men very happy with democracy even the children they are happy too because they will get wonderful future; the election is a democracy birthday in the new Iraq.
The woman and men says we will vote for our children future and our homeland.
All of Iraqi says we will vote for Iraq.
Do you know what I will do?
I will buy new clothes and I will put the flowers around my neck to meet the democracy it is like my missing sweetheart whom I looking for her in my dreams.
Please I invite all people to litany to the God just for save the world, love, democracy and the New Iraq, with your help we got the freedom and with your help and love we will get the democracy.
Please say with me long live the democracy long live the love long live Iraq.

Friday, October 22, 2004


All Iraqi people waiting the Elections with some fear for what will the terrorists doing against the Elections.
Now I'm asking Mr. Mithaq about the Elections and Mr. Mithaq is a civil engineer (M.Sc.) in civil engineer and he is working in the college… he say:

It is a right step on the difficult roadway

Mr. Mithaq what is your anticipation?

It is very difficult but I hope to pass in peace

Mr. Mithaq what you will doing in the Elections days?

I will be a free at the first time and I will do that with the democracy.

Mr. Mithaq have any deterrent to answering if any one asking you a question about the Elections or any things in Iraq and about the Iraqi situations?

No I will be very happy.

Ok Mr. Mithaq thank you.
Ladies and gentleman ......Now Mr. Mithaq waiting your questions.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Hi again  

Hi again
My friend I'm here again, I was too far away just for economize the study cost because I hope to study and get the Master degree in Civil Engineering clearly I have admission in Scotland (Glasgow University) so I was quitclaimed anent many things just for economize study cost, but I couldn't do that because it is very high cost with it is very hard to forget my dream in study.
Now I'm decided to wait a scholarship maybe I can get it in one day so I will work to get it and I hope to get help.
My friend
I will post in my blog again so let me know what you like to post about it.
I will be very grateful if you tell me.

Saturday, May 29, 2004


Hi my friends.
Clearly I was very sad about my people they haven't any culture in freedom and democracy so we find same people tries to create problems, but we will try to challenge any things and we will win with (USA and UK) Help.
Now we waiting the new government while waiting I suggest to make interview with some persons from Iraqi people and you can ask them about any things.
So may I introduce for you:
1. An engineer Qusai, he is Civil engineer, study to get the M.Sc. degree, single,30 years old.
2. Mr. Dhea, he was a colonel in Iraqi air force, 37 years old.
3. Mr. Abu Dawod, he is taxi driver, 47 years old.
4. An engineer Safaa, she is civil engineer, 26 years old.
5. Mr. Abu Rusol, he is electricity worker, 36 years old.
But you must know We will make new interview with other person.
Now please ask them and write your question in the comments.

Saturday, May 01, 2004


My research was started before 12 days ago to looking for the fact in the filuja and in Al-Najaf, I met two persons from the Filuja and I asked him
Why you are fighting ?
They say.
1. We are fighting to get money we are without work without salary we spend our life to served Saddam we worked with him and now we can't live without money so we are fight for money.
2. there are many members from the Saddam's intelligent and terrorists pay the money to push the people to fight and kill any one reject the fight.
3. Many people from the Filuja City fight retaliation because they losing them kinsfolk in the war.
4. There are many terrorists " Ben Laden's fellows from other countries" in the Filuja city always tries to make argument between Iraqi people and USA.

That what was Al-Filuja people say.

When I asked Muqtada's fellows in Al-Najaf City they say.
1. We are fighting because we haven’t any work and haven't money to live in the peace, we spend our life in the captor and we get our freedom with USA and UK help but we discovered we are without money without jobs without any things.
2. Muqtada and whom support him pay good money so we need that money to get good life.
3. there are many thieves in the Iraqi government council like Ahmmed Al-chalabi, Muafaq Al-Rubaei and others they are looting the Iraqi money with out any deterrent.
That what was Muqtada's fellows say.

After my research I found there are 50% from Iraqi people under poor line or without work, and no body in the Iraqi government council care.
The Iraqi government council work to change the Iraqi flag but forget what the Iraqi people need and there are 75% from Iraqi people reject the changing of Iraqi flag.
The Iraqi government council work to make good money but forget the poorest Iraqi people.
Many members in the city councils are thieves not more.
The republic of affright still exist and there is no body can talk like any free man except whom supported from any party so there is no body in Iraqi know about my blog except my close friends that because I not represent any politics side.
So don’t surprised from new commotion in Baghdad, Mousel, Basra and others against the bad situation in the administration polity but not against USA or UK.

Now if we want to dissolution that argument at first we must proof our love to Iraqi people and try to help them to find jobs, foods, clothes and new care.
I suggest make humanity corporations to make good relation between Iraqi people and USA , UK people.
I will be very happy if I can work with you to dissolution that argument and try to diffusion the peace in all the beautiful world and I'm ready to work against the terrorists.
Please if any one ready to participate to help. You can send E-mail on this address. alaasmary@yahoo.co.uk

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Fact 

Hi again
Sorry about the delaying but I was very tired after that occurs.
I decided to looking for the fact, so I met two persons from the faluja city and two persons from Muqtada follows so I will post all the fact after three days.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Under Control 

Still quiet situation no more violence in Al-Shuala (Small City in Baghdad) but in Al-Sader City, Al-Kufa, Al-Najaf and Al-Naserea still bad situation but it is under control in Al-Basra, Al-Kut, and Babylon are quiet situation and under control.
The colleges and Universities still closed and that are very bad to the students because he will lost many lessons.
The situation in Al-Falluja still with war and no news from any one in Al-Falluja it is under USA Army circle.
I know we will win with (USA and UK) help and we will build the New Iraq.
Long live USA….. Long live New Iraq…Long live UK.

Note: Maybe I can't post tomorrow that because I haven't Internet access in my home I'm still use my friend's internet link.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Situation Today 

Hi my friends. Today is a quiet situation approximately here in Baghdad but still closed college and still bad situation in Al-kufa, Al-Najaf and Al-Falluja.
The fear still clear on the Iraqi people face, the life is continue and Muktada will become a big loser.
I think there are two important points (Usama Ben Laden and Iran). Iran supports Muktada and Usama support Al-falluja, and we must cut the snakehead.
Muktada is very fear and now he starting in retreat he is out of the Al-Kufa mosque maybe he wants runaway to the Iran it is a safe place to him.
Before 2 hr I heard a sound invite the people to going to the Al-Kufa mosque to fight the USA Army and Iraqi Police but no body want the fight that because many of Iraqi people hate Muktada and many Iraqi people know he was one of Saddam's followers and now he is under Iran supporting.
Note: Yesterday I couldn't sleep because I heard many explosions sound.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Hot Situation 

Hot Situation
Hi again my friends today is very bad situation there are many small cities was downfall under Muktada followers in the fact there is a relationships between Muktada and Al-Falluja because there are many cars arrived from Al-falluja with weapons so it is two face into one currency (terrorizing).
Today many colleges closed and the situation look like 19/3/2003 few cars in the street maybe it is the calm before the storm, the fear is very clear on the Iraqi civilian face.
Today I'm discover there are 30% from Iraqis people without the mind.
Bye now and I will write more again.

Note: If I can't write more that mean I can't go out my home so please maybe I need Phone No. to call and post more with your help.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Situation Today 

The situation here in is very dangerous today. There are many people make the anarchy and many people killed that because there are many who want to exploitation the situation to imposition the control on the Iraqi people just for the money, exploitation the ignorance and the poor people to kill and to looting. The USA army with Iraqi police now tries to keep security situation stable.
Now I’m in my friend’s home and I can’t go home there are many from Muktada’s follows in the street and thy are with weapons and all the families locked the home doors.
There are warplane in the sky I’m hearing the warplane voice.
The situation is very bad but not in all of Baghdad I hope to win with USA help.
I’m writing these words while I heard explosions sound which shaking the place.
Bye-Bye now and I will write more again.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

The Barbaric Attack  

To all my friends I feel very sorry about the barbaric attack on the USA contractors in Al-Faluja city, in the fact Al-Faluja are Saddam's follows and must unsling all of them from the new Iraq.
I want to tell you the Islamic religion do not accept in this barbaric attack, and all of people in Iraq do not accept that barbaric attack, we wand to build our country and we want to make a good friendships with all the world and specially with USA and UK that because we are get our freedom with (USA and UK) help.
Please USA Please UK stay and help my people and save them from the bad and barbaric creatures, the barbaric creatures are a black point must erase it.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Barbaric attack in the Karbalaa and Kadumea City 

I haven’t any thing to post after this attack, it was terrible attack, and it is a war to killing the freedom and killing the New Iraq.
The terrorist killed many women, old men and children, just to kill the humanity in the new Iraq.
Please….. Please help Iraqi people Please USA and all western world help Iraqi people.
click here to know what happen in Karbalaa and Al-Kadumea City.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

The gap  

At the beginning I, would like to thank you about the noble feelings and that indicates to your sweetheart and your love to peace. Today I will writ for you about the Middle East thinking in the world. I, notice some people in the Middle East bearing a bad thoughts about the Western world (USA & Europe), also there are some people who bear a bad thoughts about the Middle East that means there is a gap between the Arab world and the Western world.
As to my opinion this gap made by a radical and the supporters who supports by dictatorial authority. They are always tries to gain from the eastern and gain from Christian, Islamic and Jewish for nothing but just to support their benefits with these radical and dictatorial authorities and support the special benefits, also the enclosing in the social relationships between the eastern and Arabic states. There are a lot of laws that prevents the social relations between east and west.
Now we are in the twenty- one century, it is very important to mention that the successful that happens in the Western world and in all field ids clear like sun, that isn’t means the Arab world is ignorant or very late but the passing circumstances that had happened to Arab and through the ages was so dark and sever circumstances, also I want to say that the people in the eastern world has humanity feelings and peace love, also has a cooperative spirits and noble spirits , regardless to the events which has take place during the times without knowing the truth of what happens on these events . In fact there are no media covers in the Arab world in special, there are people finance all the media institutes, in forced them to transfer picture for this untrue events, for example all the events that happened, the Arab Media – net work had desecrated picture for what happened by leading a great press- campaign to say that the U.S has occupied Iraqi country and discretion's all heavens Shari'a . But the truth is contrary what say, that the Iraqi country had been free from the unjust and dictatorial that violated them and killed the inner humanity inside them. Now the Western world tries to build a new & free Iraq. All the eastern world wash to help new Iraq. That is a simple example for what happens, media- net work and the radical still to desecrate the truth calling for a civil war in Iraq. There is who hear to listen for this Media- Net work due to no other one. Or their incapability to reach for other one or may be he find who support them now while he find himself a loan, passed be the unjustified period. When we transfer the bad events to the Western world their thoughts would desecration in front of the Arab World by finding ourselves in deep well.

On a days I astonished when I entered for one conversation room across the internet while some Western citizen sent me a letter told (go out from here you are a terrorist, this is not your position). Saying that without a previous known or now my thoughts, and there are who refused to talking with me for nothing but because I’m Iraqi citizen. That is a danger thing, that means there is who deform our picture. Iraqis are not terrorists but there is who are doing by these terrorists operation.
I wish to summary my talking but on my opinion we must leave the enmity leaving in a peace because all of the Western world has humanity feelings in front of Arab people. Western world must know that the Middle East and the Arab world bearing love and peace didn’t bear any hateful. All has a right in this world regardless to the religious, religion for the only one God (Allah) and all other religions.
I send my invitation to the world, invite them to peace and love and attacking every one whom fight our beautiful world (Arab & Western World).
And, I, would like to declare for establishing a new humanity organization to support peace and build a cultural society. making a humanity – society relations between all the world country to depicted peace and love. Later I publish details about t organization aims.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Hurtful Accident  

To all my friends and all whom read my words in the world, I'm sorry I was belated, but it was out of my conation. I'm sure you are hearing about the suicidal attack in one of the hotels ( Al-Karada City ) Baghdad, …….. It was a very hurtful accident and there is some thing else, I live near that hotel, it was a terrible attack by terrorist, you can not imagine that, I was about changing my clothes and forearm to travel to the north of Iraq. I want to visit my friends in Sulaymanya City, and suddenly I heard the voice of a big explosion with acute blow that had broken all the windows of my house, the glasses penetrated all the parts of my body, at that time I were unconsciousness, but after tow days I found myself in one of Baghdad's hospitals and can't moving.
Now my health is better, so I have made a decision to write this words to let you know what had happened and I will promise all my friends to write more and more.
I hope to meet you again in my web site and by e-mails

Thursday, January 15, 2004

To the beautiful world 

Oh, beautiful world, after years passed, we are freedom now
From the long prison, jail in the fear republic.
Thanks for all who help us to being freedom felling gratitude for you due to their risk in your soul for peace to achieve freedom for children, old man and women.
When it rainfall, the joy mix with the sadness and the rainfall washing all the past painful and all injures, also it flows from our injures, that had suffering from the deprivation and painful , so clouds continue by seeing what has best from raining , time of the fear and subservience had gone. now we are living in new world , world of construct and built what had destroyed. Thanks our God (Allah) for every thing good. The injustice time has end sun of freedom shine in new Iraq . So all people in the whorled must witness that we are not terrorists but we are a victims for along 35 years ago, killing by them bleeding our bloods without refused by any one. Now we are free from those injustice people that rule us 35years.

Our dreams are not so big we used to dream by small things. Rainfall just like joy, it leaves along rivers behind us cutting the electric power at that time we can live in darkness leaving our dreams and thinking by tomorrow.
Our dreams so small it doesn’t going too far, we wish living in peace, like you and like other people, travelling, rejoicing and studying in universities without pursuing by any one and by any eyes.
We want to tell you some things deprave us, our heritages … bad reputation no one accept by Iraqi citizen…. there are some who tell that Iraqi people are terrorists leaving all truth that we are victims . Victims killed during 34 years that by killjoy , its only fault that we are humans borne in Iraq , living without rights without talking , but today we are freedom try to begin new life , so have we place now like others .

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Iraqi People Life 

Hello For All The World

Happy New Year for all the people in the world. I wish that peace and love prevailing in the whole world , also I wish this site getting your satisfactory .I’m writing these words while I heard explosions sound which shaking the place, and every thing around me is moving also a hail of bullet spread around the place.

Iraqi Life before 9th of April 2003

With every day light hopes renewal for all people in the world, except Iraqi People, so with every day light pains and worries revival, which consist more things. Iraqi human has a few
Rights in his life, people were depriving from much things, the level of the living is under the poverty despite of that Iraqi country is the richest country in the world.

Our dreams in education are limit, due to what are Iraqi people must learn, he must learn just in the camp Army, child and the young man. He has nothing just the Army camps and wars. War pushed the men to the death grinder, which means war without reasons just empty self- conceit, we have no right for expressing our opinions that could do it? the collective grave yard (genocide) waits him and by straggle we can get a high Scientific degrees, by destroying our hops beside the compulsory service, which waits every graduated students and also who was leaving studies and going to work in order can food his family saving them from the needs & hunger . Compulsory Service time is open without limit, it burns the dreams just like the fire when it swallowing wood, our life is just desert that death controlled on its.

Iraqi life after 9th April 2003

When the army crossed the high sea using all types of rockets & guns adding a new ghost of death, but this time the ghost of death is not only on Iraqi people but also on the greatest dictator symbols in this century. War has finished and the century dictator has gone. for ever ands Iraq become a new country yard or specs for all terrorist in the world to settle an account and Iraqi people has the only prejudice, so the daily explosion that happen in every place is one of the terrorist doing, so the terrorist try to kill Iraqi people by making mess (confusion) destroying every thing good without deterrent, I don’t know way? I don’t know why Iraqi human punished for a sin (fault) he doesn’t do it, punished because the U.S Army entered To the Iraq and all countries allowed to them to enter Iraq, punish Iraqi people by toppling Saddam Hussein their killer. So the terrorist add a new ghost of death to Iraqi people and to whom will try to help this injury people (Iraqi people ) despite what happen here and despite the aimless (randomly) pellet which fill the place and despite the explosion that kill many people ,so we insist to build anew Iraq called it ( new Iraq ) to shine Iraqi sun , flow the hope river in our country , building , construction, filling the whole world by love and peace , the construction of Iraq is continues despite the continues explosion we insist to built a new life far away of the past painful . They find who hate our people, killing our children, but U.S Army still advocacy and defense on the Iraqi people rights. I want to tell you about what happened at the last night on 2003 and in one of Iraqi restaurants, a civil bodies were scattering in booby- trap car and on the first day of this year 2004, killing first child by a booby- trap car, I think it was a great present to the Iraqi child but i don’t know its source. I just say to the whole world and especially to whom want hate us (pleas let us live in peace and love by building a new Iraq)

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