Saturday, May 29, 2004


Hi my friends.
Clearly I was very sad about my people they haven't any culture in freedom and democracy so we find same people tries to create problems, but we will try to challenge any things and we will win with (USA and UK) Help.
Now we waiting the new government while waiting I suggest to make interview with some persons from Iraqi people and you can ask them about any things.
So may I introduce for you:
1. An engineer Qusai, he is Civil engineer, study to get the M.Sc. degree, single,30 years old.
2. Mr. Dhea, he was a colonel in Iraqi air force, 37 years old.
3. Mr. Abu Dawod, he is taxi driver, 47 years old.
4. An engineer Safaa, she is civil engineer, 26 years old.
5. Mr. Abu Rusol, he is electricity worker, 36 years old.
But you must know We will make new interview with other person.
Now please ask them and write your question in the comments.

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