Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Situation Today 

Hi my friends. Today is a quiet situation approximately here in Baghdad but still closed college and still bad situation in Al-kufa, Al-Najaf and Al-Falluja.
The fear still clear on the Iraqi people face, the life is continue and Muktada will become a big loser.
I think there are two important points (Usama Ben Laden and Iran). Iran supports Muktada and Usama support Al-falluja, and we must cut the snakehead.
Muktada is very fear and now he starting in retreat he is out of the Al-Kufa mosque maybe he wants runaway to the Iran it is a safe place to him.
Before 2 hr I heard a sound invite the people to going to the Al-Kufa mosque to fight the USA Army and Iraqi Police but no body want the fight that because many of Iraqi people hate Muktada and many Iraqi people know he was one of Saddam's followers and now he is under Iran supporting.
Note: Yesterday I couldn't sleep because I heard many explosions sound.

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