Thursday, February 26, 2004

The gap  

At the beginning I, would like to thank you about the noble feelings and that indicates to your sweetheart and your love to peace. Today I will writ for you about the Middle East thinking in the world. I, notice some people in the Middle East bearing a bad thoughts about the Western world (USA & Europe), also there are some people who bear a bad thoughts about the Middle East that means there is a gap between the Arab world and the Western world.
As to my opinion this gap made by a radical and the supporters who supports by dictatorial authority. They are always tries to gain from the eastern and gain from Christian, Islamic and Jewish for nothing but just to support their benefits with these radical and dictatorial authorities and support the special benefits, also the enclosing in the social relationships between the eastern and Arabic states. There are a lot of laws that prevents the social relations between east and west.
Now we are in the twenty- one century, it is very important to mention that the successful that happens in the Western world and in all field ids clear like sun, that isn’t means the Arab world is ignorant or very late but the passing circumstances that had happened to Arab and through the ages was so dark and sever circumstances, also I want to say that the people in the eastern world has humanity feelings and peace love, also has a cooperative spirits and noble spirits , regardless to the events which has take place during the times without knowing the truth of what happens on these events . In fact there are no media covers in the Arab world in special, there are people finance all the media institutes, in forced them to transfer picture for this untrue events, for example all the events that happened, the Arab Media – net work had desecrated picture for what happened by leading a great press- campaign to say that the U.S has occupied Iraqi country and discretion's all heavens Shari'a . But the truth is contrary what say, that the Iraqi country had been free from the unjust and dictatorial that violated them and killed the inner humanity inside them. Now the Western world tries to build a new & free Iraq. All the eastern world wash to help new Iraq. That is a simple example for what happens, media- net work and the radical still to desecrate the truth calling for a civil war in Iraq. There is who hear to listen for this Media- Net work due to no other one. Or their incapability to reach for other one or may be he find who support them now while he find himself a loan, passed be the unjustified period. When we transfer the bad events to the Western world their thoughts would desecration in front of the Arab World by finding ourselves in deep well.

On a days I astonished when I entered for one conversation room across the internet while some Western citizen sent me a letter told (go out from here you are a terrorist, this is not your position). Saying that without a previous known or now my thoughts, and there are who refused to talking with me for nothing but because I’m Iraqi citizen. That is a danger thing, that means there is who deform our picture. Iraqis are not terrorists but there is who are doing by these terrorists operation.
I wish to summary my talking but on my opinion we must leave the enmity leaving in a peace because all of the Western world has humanity feelings in front of Arab people. Western world must know that the Middle East and the Arab world bearing love and peace didn’t bear any hateful. All has a right in this world regardless to the religious, religion for the only one God (Allah) and all other religions.
I send my invitation to the world, invite them to peace and love and attacking every one whom fight our beautiful world (Arab & Western World).
And, I, would like to declare for establishing a new humanity organization to support peace and build a cultural society. making a humanity – society relations between all the world country to depicted peace and love. Later I publish details about t organization aims.

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