Thursday, January 15, 2004

To the beautiful world 

Oh, beautiful world, after years passed, we are freedom now
From the long prison, jail in the fear republic.
Thanks for all who help us to being freedom felling gratitude for you due to their risk in your soul for peace to achieve freedom for children, old man and women.
When it rainfall, the joy mix with the sadness and the rainfall washing all the past painful and all injures, also it flows from our injures, that had suffering from the deprivation and painful , so clouds continue by seeing what has best from raining , time of the fear and subservience had gone. now we are living in new world , world of construct and built what had destroyed. Thanks our God (Allah) for every thing good. The injustice time has end sun of freedom shine in new Iraq . So all people in the whorled must witness that we are not terrorists but we are a victims for along 35 years ago, killing by them bleeding our bloods without refused by any one. Now we are free from those injustice people that rule us 35years.

Our dreams are not so big we used to dream by small things. Rainfall just like joy, it leaves along rivers behind us cutting the electric power at that time we can live in darkness leaving our dreams and thinking by tomorrow.
Our dreams so small it doesn’t going too far, we wish living in peace, like you and like other people, travelling, rejoicing and studying in universities without pursuing by any one and by any eyes.
We want to tell you some things deprave us, our heritages … bad reputation no one accept by Iraqi citizen…. there are some who tell that Iraqi people are terrorists leaving all truth that we are victims . Victims killed during 34 years that by killjoy , its only fault that we are humans borne in Iraq , living without rights without talking , but today we are freedom try to begin new life , so have we place now like others .

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