Saturday, January 03, 2004

Iraqi People Life 

Hello For All The World

Happy New Year for all the people in the world. I wish that peace and love prevailing in the whole world , also I wish this site getting your satisfactory .I’m writing these words while I heard explosions sound which shaking the place, and every thing around me is moving also a hail of bullet spread around the place.

Iraqi Life before 9th of April 2003

With every day light hopes renewal for all people in the world, except Iraqi People, so with every day light pains and worries revival, which consist more things. Iraqi human has a few
Rights in his life, people were depriving from much things, the level of the living is under the poverty despite of that Iraqi country is the richest country in the world.

Our dreams in education are limit, due to what are Iraqi people must learn, he must learn just in the camp Army, child and the young man. He has nothing just the Army camps and wars. War pushed the men to the death grinder, which means war without reasons just empty self- conceit, we have no right for expressing our opinions that could do it? the collective grave yard (genocide) waits him and by straggle we can get a high Scientific degrees, by destroying our hops beside the compulsory service, which waits every graduated students and also who was leaving studies and going to work in order can food his family saving them from the needs & hunger . Compulsory Service time is open without limit, it burns the dreams just like the fire when it swallowing wood, our life is just desert that death controlled on its.

Iraqi life after 9th April 2003

When the army crossed the high sea using all types of rockets & guns adding a new ghost of death, but this time the ghost of death is not only on Iraqi people but also on the greatest dictator symbols in this century. War has finished and the century dictator has gone. for ever ands Iraq become a new country yard or specs for all terrorist in the world to settle an account and Iraqi people has the only prejudice, so the daily explosion that happen in every place is one of the terrorist doing, so the terrorist try to kill Iraqi people by making mess (confusion) destroying every thing good without deterrent, I don’t know way? I don’t know why Iraqi human punished for a sin (fault) he doesn’t do it, punished because the U.S Army entered To the Iraq and all countries allowed to them to enter Iraq, punish Iraqi people by toppling Saddam Hussein their killer. So the terrorist add a new ghost of death to Iraqi people and to whom will try to help this injury people (Iraqi people ) despite what happen here and despite the aimless (randomly) pellet which fill the place and despite the explosion that kill many people ,so we insist to build anew Iraq called it ( new Iraq ) to shine Iraqi sun , flow the hope river in our country , building , construction, filling the whole world by love and peace , the construction of Iraq is continues despite the continues explosion we insist to built a new life far away of the past painful . They find who hate our people, killing our children, but U.S Army still advocacy and defense on the Iraqi people rights. I want to tell you about what happened at the last night on 2003 and in one of Iraqi restaurants, a civil bodies were scattering in booby- trap car and on the first day of this year 2004, killing first child by a booby- trap car, I think it was a great present to the Iraqi child but i don’t know its source. I just say to the whole world and especially to whom want hate us (pleas let us live in peace and love by building a new Iraq)

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