Sunday, January 30, 2005

Election Day 

Election Day
Today we vote, today is a democracy birthday.
The people lines are very long, We heard explosions voice but we vote.
I'm very happy today, long live Iraq, long live love and long live democracy.
I will post more images here.
A suicide explosion in Al-Mansor city, Al-Sader city and in New Baghdad city near election center , but the Iraqis still insistent to vote.
We will crush the terrorists.
The democracy will win.

I am an Iranian living in exile. This is a great victory for the brave Iraqi people who chose their freedom.
My prayers also go to the brave sons of all nations who stood by the Iraqi people and made the ultimate sacrifice. They gave up their lives for you to live in dignity. People are born free.
I hope the same happens in Iran very soon.
I shall keep my God in my heart and will NOT mix it with politics.
Long Live Iraq.
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