Friday, October 22, 2004


All Iraqi people waiting the Elections with some fear for what will the terrorists doing against the Elections.
Now I'm asking Mr. Mithaq about the Elections and Mr. Mithaq is a civil engineer (M.Sc.) in civil engineer and he is working in the collegeā€¦ he say:

It is a right step on the difficult roadway

Mr. Mithaq what is your anticipation?

It is very difficult but I hope to pass in peace

Mr. Mithaq what you will doing in the Elections days?

I will be a free at the first time and I will do that with the democracy.

Mr. Mithaq have any deterrent to answering if any one asking you a question about the Elections or any things in Iraq and about the Iraqi situations?

No I will be very happy.

Ok Mr. Mithaq thank you.
Ladies and gentleman ......Now Mr. Mithaq waiting your questions.

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