Saturday, May 01, 2004


My research was started before 12 days ago to looking for the fact in the filuja and in Al-Najaf, I met two persons from the Filuja and I asked him
Why you are fighting ?
They say.
1. We are fighting to get money we are without work without salary we spend our life to served Saddam we worked with him and now we can't live without money so we are fight for money.
2. there are many members from the Saddam's intelligent and terrorists pay the money to push the people to fight and kill any one reject the fight.
3. Many people from the Filuja City fight retaliation because they losing them kinsfolk in the war.
4. There are many terrorists " Ben Laden's fellows from other countries" in the Filuja city always tries to make argument between Iraqi people and USA.

That what was Al-Filuja people say.

When I asked Muqtada's fellows in Al-Najaf City they say.
1. We are fighting because we haven’t any work and haven't money to live in the peace, we spend our life in the captor and we get our freedom with USA and UK help but we discovered we are without money without jobs without any things.
2. Muqtada and whom support him pay good money so we need that money to get good life.
3. there are many thieves in the Iraqi government council like Ahmmed Al-chalabi, Muafaq Al-Rubaei and others they are looting the Iraqi money with out any deterrent.
That what was Muqtada's fellows say.

After my research I found there are 50% from Iraqi people under poor line or without work, and no body in the Iraqi government council care.
The Iraqi government council work to change the Iraqi flag but forget what the Iraqi people need and there are 75% from Iraqi people reject the changing of Iraqi flag.
The Iraqi government council work to make good money but forget the poorest Iraqi people.
Many members in the city councils are thieves not more.
The republic of affright still exist and there is no body can talk like any free man except whom supported from any party so there is no body in Iraqi know about my blog except my close friends that because I not represent any politics side.
So don’t surprised from new commotion in Baghdad, Mousel, Basra and others against the bad situation in the administration polity but not against USA or UK.

Now if we want to dissolution that argument at first we must proof our love to Iraqi people and try to help them to find jobs, foods, clothes and new care.
I suggest make humanity corporations to make good relation between Iraqi people and USA , UK people.
I will be very happy if I can work with you to dissolution that argument and try to diffusion the peace in all the beautiful world and I'm ready to work against the terrorists.
Please if any one ready to participate to help. You can send E-mail on this address. alaasmary@yahoo.co.uk

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