Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Under Control 

Still quiet situation no more violence in Al-Shuala (Small City in Baghdad) but in Al-Sader City, Al-Kufa, Al-Najaf and Al-Naserea still bad situation but it is under control in Al-Basra, Al-Kut, and Babylon are quiet situation and under control.
The colleges and Universities still closed and that are very bad to the students because he will lost many lessons.
The situation in Al-Falluja still with war and no news from any one in Al-Falluja it is under USA Army circle.
I know we will win with (USA and UK) help and we will build the New Iraq.
Long live USA….. Long live New Iraq…Long live UK.

Note: Maybe I can't post tomorrow that because I haven't Internet access in my home I'm still use my friend's internet link.

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