Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Situation Today 

The situation here in is very dangerous today. There are many people make the anarchy and many people killed that because there are many who want to exploitation the situation to imposition the control on the Iraqi people just for the money, exploitation the ignorance and the poor people to kill and to looting. The USA army with Iraqi police now tries to keep security situation stable.
Now I’m in my friend’s home and I can’t go home there are many from Muktada’s follows in the street and thy are with weapons and all the families locked the home doors.
There are warplane in the sky I’m hearing the warplane voice.
The situation is very bad but not in all of Baghdad I hope to win with USA help.
I’m writing these words while I heard explosions sound which shaking the place.
Bye-Bye now and I will write more again.

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