Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Hurtful Accident  

To all my friends and all whom read my words in the world, I'm sorry I was belated, but it was out of my conation. I'm sure you are hearing about the suicidal attack in one of the hotels ( Al-Karada City ) Baghdad, …….. It was a very hurtful accident and there is some thing else, I live near that hotel, it was a terrible attack by terrorist, you can not imagine that, I was about changing my clothes and forearm to travel to the north of Iraq. I want to visit my friends in Sulaymanya City, and suddenly I heard the voice of a big explosion with acute blow that had broken all the windows of my house, the glasses penetrated all the parts of my body, at that time I were unconsciousness, but after tow days I found myself in one of Baghdad's hospitals and can't moving.
Now my health is better, so I have made a decision to write this words to let you know what had happened and I will promise all my friends to write more and more.
I hope to meet you again in my web site and by e-mails

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